Barbara Ellison

About me

I have been a podcast host for over 21/2 years. I have interviewed hundreds of people on my shows and have been a guest on countless other podcasts. An audience can learn how to move their Mindset to Mindflow which will open their life to ease and flow.

Suggested Topics

Topic 1

How personality can impact business!

Topic 2

Facing the Identity Crisis head on

Topic 3

Getting out of your comfort zone

Other topics:

Subduing the Negative voices in our heads

The 4 pillars of Success

Suggested Questions

Why are you doing what you’re currently doing?

What did your 15 year-old self imagine you’d be doing right now?

What are some challenges, difficulties, and hardships you’ve overcome or are working to overcome?

What is something you accomplished in the past that you’re proud of?

What’s your theme song? Why?

What desires keep tugging at your heart?

What would you build if you had unlimited resources?

Why are you here in this moment?

What’s a quote that inspires you and why?

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