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Helping People secure a safe second home in Canada for themselves and their family, Just in case…


The world is an increasingly smaller place and this will continue for years to come. Most people especially from well suited Western Countries do not think about a Second Passport until there is an upheaval in their life/their situation. Having a Second Passport is a tool that is actually easy to get for a lot of people especially if they plan and it is one of those topics that people are interested in and have thought about but just don't know where to start. When people understand how easy this can be and the benefits that surround a Canadian Passport then it is something that becomes quite interesting very quickly. In a short interview I can highlight some of the popular & cost effective ways that a person can come to Canada and also the many benefits that this will have for a person both now and later in life.


For more than a decade, Brandon Miller has been involved in Immigration and Settlement of Newcomers to Canada. He has operated a boutique immigration practice (Maple Immigration Services) in Toronto, Canada, where he has helped countless people find their way to Canadian shores and settle in successfully to their new home. Brandon approaches immigration differently by taking a holistic approach to immigration & settlement. The very unique approach led to The Immigration Success SystemTM and a published book “Second Passport” that outlines this system and introduces the idea and benefits of a Second Passport in Canada. Brandon is a proud Canadian who sees himself as a nation builder responsible for shaping the Canada of tomorrow with its true asset-the people who call Canada their home. He is a certified Immigration Consultant, is passionate about everything immigration and enjoys not only helping people to come to Canada but seeing that they get integrated into the country. Although Brandon’s main focus is to provide immigration legal services, he has worked as a settlement counselor, a volunteer to the regulatory body and a teacher at a local college where he enjoys teaching and mentoring new immigration students. Brandon has firm family roots in Canada, but he has traveled and worked overseas extensively for over a decade, which allows him to identify and service clientele from many different countries. Brandon is married and lives in Toronto with his wife and two young daughters.

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