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Thrive in the second half of your life… shift from crisis to oasis


The latest trend is Positive Intelligence, following the popularity of Emotional Intelligence in the 90s. It has been shown that leading a positive and contented life can lead to greater success in all aspects of one's life. Through 40+ years of practicing serenity, I have gained a unique perspective. Despite facing both successes and challenges, I have learned to rely on serenity for guidance in all of my decisions. As someone who has honed their speaking skills over 12 years with Toastmasters, I bring valuable experience to the table. I am adept at tailoring my responses to suit your specific audience. In addition, I possess a good sense of humor and am approachable in conversation.


Denise Belisle is the founder of Denise Belisle In-Motion Coaching. She is a serenity expert and positive intelligence specialist. She is an international speaker and executive contributor writer with Brainz Magazine. She hosts an online TV show with Win Win Women on Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV. Denise is certified as a positive intelligence coach, functional medicine health coach and a Reiki master. Over the last forty years, Denise has been immersed in all areas of health and wellness. She has been practicing mindfulness and meditation since she was a teenager and has developed great skills in the discipline of emotional and mental fitness. She is extremely excited to be working in the mental fitness and positive intelligence field, having a deeper understanding of people’s mindsets and how her clients can gain better control over their emotions and behaviours.

She works with professional empty nesters who want to ROCK ✨ the second half of their lives and shift from crisis to oasis. Denise’s clients map out their future and define a clear path to their oasis. They will unleash their capacity to solve their problems, no matter how big they may be. Denise will work with her brave clients and design a personalized plan that will help them become more focused and in control of their lives without unnecessary frustration and exhaustion.

Her clients are often looking for a professional coach to help them identify the forces and factors that are holding them back from reaching their goals in their personal life, business, and finances. Denise has great passion and a willingness to go the extra mile to help her courageous clients find the success they deserve.

There isn’t one solution that will get rid of the stressors in your life. To become more serene, you will start a quest to find all contributing factors that cause you to be stressed in the first place. These factors might have been with you for many years without you even knowing it, and you will work with Denise to resolve them one by one.

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