Katelyn Silva

Your book can change a life.

Your book can change a life.

About me

I’ve published eleven books, four of them bestsellers, over the last several years. Some of them were published while I was working full-time and attending college classes, and others while homeschooling my children and working through a toddler and an infant. I know first-hand what it’s like to struggle with doubts, put dreams on the back burner, have a book flop, and what it takes to have a book truly stand out. I’ve worked with clients around the world in a wide range of genres and I’ve been through significant life struggles. I’m not afraid to help guide and draw the difficult aspects of any story out and onto the page. I can help listeners gain the confidence to start writing their book and publish it to bestseller.
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What was the big shift that was the catalyst into finally writing and publishing your first book?

What did the process look like between your first book and your first bestseller?

How did you manage to write so many books while working and taking care of your children and home?

What are your top 1-3 tips for aspiring authors longing to write and publish but struggling with blocks or fears around the process?

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What is the most common mistake you see among first-time authors?

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What can aspiring authors expect from working with you?

My Biography

From an early age, Katelyn had a love for reading and writing which her mother fostered and encouraged. When her mother passed, books became how Katelyn continued to feel connected to her. She wrote stories and engaged with other writers throughout her childhood which also became both an escape and an inspiration through other challenges she experienced.

Later, while working in management full time, attending college classes, and caring for her family at home, Katelyn had a crisis moment of realizing she didn’t want to look back with regret when it came to her dreams of becoming a successful author. She overcame the blocks and challenges she’d faced in achieving that goal up until then and secured a publishing contract with a small traditional publisher. While that first book didn’t have the results she hoped for, it catapulted Katelyn into the publishing industry where she went all in.

Katelyn has since published ten more books and counting, some under a pen name, and is now a four-times #1 bestselling author. After she hit #1 bestseller for the first time, friends, family, and colleagues began reaching out, asking, “How do you do it?! Can you help me?” Katelyn realized she also had a passion for guiding others in accomplishing their author dreams and launched We Write Books to do just that.

Through We Write Books, Katelyn specializes in guiding Christian mompreneurs to get clarity on their book idea, confidently write and publish their first bestselling book, without spending hours writing every day, and use as a business tool for impact, legacy, and authority. She has now helped clients in a range of genres such as romance, business, self-help, fantasy, health, transformational, children’s books, and many more.

Katelyn has been featured on podcasts and speaking opportunities internationally. She has helped hundreds to accomplish their first book.