Kyle Gillette

Helping you make the small mindset shifts today for massive change in your future.


Kyle provides engaging stories and tactical information that you and your listeners can immediately apply to your lives and businesses. He's been a guest on dozens of shows and understands the importance of making a podcast flow well. As an experienced business and mindset coach, Kyle's 15 years of coaching, running various businesses, and his experience as an author gives you plenty to talk about. Additionally, Kyle has had 3 near-death experiences that have given him a unique perspective on life. Kyle provides insights that will make your audience think and help them "get something" from your episode guaranteed. He can do interviews that take 15 minutes or 50 minutes and everything in between. Expect Kyle to be open, real, and share practical tips about mindsets, goals, habits, and much more than can be used by your listeners.


Kyle Gillette helps small business owners get the most out of their time, talent, and team.

He is an ICF-certified coach, behavioral analyst, and creator of the Blue Shirt Leadership Framework.

Kyle focuses on helping his clients build a foundation of Self-awareness in their life and business. Create exceptional Accountability to achieve big goals, dreams, and results with a Growth mindset that Empowers others to do, have, and be more than they ever thought possible!

He’s the host of the Blue Shirt Leadership podcast, an author, and the owner of Blue Shirt Coaching – a coaching and consulting organization.

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His Journey to today:
In 2001, Kyle Gillette was introduced to the men’s mentoring program that would forever shape his personal and professional future.

He quickly realized in this challenging group of young adults (18-25-year-olds) that were considered “unleadable” by many professionals – this was not going to be the case for him!

After being a part of this men’s mentoring program for nine years in various roles including the facilitator, peer coach, mentor/coach, and more; it became time to develop what is now called SAGE Mindset Framework and accompanying book, app, and programs.

Kyle is a man of great ambition and vision; he wanted to utilize his talents for something more than just being an employee. He had always been interested in business, and after consulting with mentors who encouraged him to pursue passions rather than security for financial reasons, Kyle left corporate America behind altogether to devote all of his efforts to starting up his coaching firm.

Kyle’s life-long fascination with psychology and human behavior led him down the path of professional coaching. It wasn’t until he discovered that his experiences as a son of a farmer, entrepreneur, father, husband – all combined to make Kyle an ideal candidate for helping business owners learn how to become more successful through providing coaching on personal and professional development & business transformation.

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Suggested topics:

Mindsets and habits for peak performance

How to build exceptional accountability in life and leadership

How to obtain 95% of your goals. (Really)

Want to grow? Learn how to track your life and business.

The lessons learned from being a Christian business owner.

Suggested QUESTIONS:

What is the origin story of the SAGE Leadership Framework?

How do you build better habits in life and business?

What are the mindset tips that you have for us?

What makes accountability so important in leadership?

What role does self-awareness play in someone's success?