Raul Obregon


If I may, I’d like to talk about our sustainability heritage. That’s something I’m very proud of. Grupo Bimbo has invested in being a clean energy company. Ten years ago we started a journey to be fully renewable energy in Mexico. We’ve deployed over 1,200 electrical vehicles in Mexico – made by us. We have a new sustainability strategy where we have very clear goals for 2030 around our products, how we operate our business, and what we want our future footprint to be. We’re very excited about our renewable energy progress and have made important partnerships around this in nearly every country we operate in. We believe those commitments will keep positioning our company as a responsible, caring corporate citizen of the world in the markets where we operate.


Raul Obregón Servitje joined Grupo Bimbo in 2006. Raul served as Vice President Corporate Sales and President, Bimbo Latin Sur for Grupo Bimbo. Raul Obregón Servitje is currently Global Information and Transformation at Grupo Bimbo

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