Tammy Gross

Write Your Own Destiny.


Using her 12 years' experience editing screenplays, winning multiple writing awards and becoming a #1 bestselling author, Tammy has developed a system to help entrepreneurs and authors learn how and why to WOW Hollywood with their tranformation stories.


Tammy is an award-winning, indie-produced screenwriter and #1 bestselling author. Every screenplay Tammy has entered into contests has either won or placed. For 12 years, she has been editing screenplays for novice writers and Hollywood A-Listers alike. Clients such as Shia LaBeouf and fellow Transformers alumni Spiro Razatos (2nd unit/stunts director) have used her services to “transform” their scripts into award-worthy projects, including LaBeouf’s acclaimed autobiographical Honey Boy. Using her own skills along with her years of experience and networking, Tammy developed the “WOW Hollywood” system to help fellow entrepreneurs “get their story straight” so they can leverage their own “transforming” stories to build their aurhority, expand their reach, and optimize their impact on the world. Using her new, simplified W.O.W. storytelling methods, writers and speakers are able to speed up the discovery process of “breaking story” in order to reach more people faster with their inspiring stories.

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