Vivian Geffen

It’s not how creative are you, it’s how are you creative?


Through her simple and practical Creative CORE model, Vivian can quickly help audience members understand creativity as a practical tool for personal empowerment and navigating change. -How people who don't think they are creative can reframe and identify how they are. -Get an idea of how to use creativity as a tool for navigating change. -Be reminded that creativity is not a linear process and not to give up half way through -Creativity as a tool to be proactive in these times of change where you can feel so out of control


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Creativity is more than art

Creative CORE model as a framework for change

How are you creative?

Creativity and ambiguity-stay the course

How to develop a creative mindset

Suggested QUESTIONS:

Can creativity be learned/taught/improved?

Tips to improve creative skills?

Explain the Creative CORE model?

What if I am not artistic, can I still be creative?

How can I nurture my kids creativity?

Why do you say "Creativity is intimacy with self."

The working title of the book you're writing is Creativity for Practical people, why do practical people need creativity?

You also teach improvisation, what's the connection with creativity and do you have a game or exercise we could do now?

Story of your creative transformation as an example.