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Carl Ficks

I teach that fitness and wellbeing are the cornerstones of success. I am a marathoner, endurance cyclist and former 30+ year trial lawyer who brings hard-won wisdom, real world experience and actionable strategies to my work. I’ve been a frequent guest on leadership, business and legal podcasts, and a sought-after trainer for companies and professional associations.

Denise Belisle

Positive Intelligence is the new trend. In the 80’s Emotional Intelligence was very popular and we now see that living a positive and happy life will bring more success in all areas of someone’s life.
With my 40+ years of serenity practice, I have developed a vision that is not common. I have had my ups and downs and learned from experience to always return to serenity for every decision I make.
I am funny and easy to talk to.

Ray Bourcier

My goal is to transform the lives and impact the worlds of eleven million people. After decades of my own struggles starting at five years old without support, I’m done seeing people struggle without the support and guidance they need to overcome their struggles and take back their control to no longer let their struggles dictate their life.

My passion is helping others because I believe that those who’ve walked the road know what’s it’s like. I give my listeners the knowledge and action steps to help overcome their struggles when nothing else has worked (just like how I overcame my struggles).

As a bit of a twist I like to weave my environmental science background into my discussions because what happens “out there” in the real world can be found within us.

Anaiis Salles

With a unique approach to life, transformation and healing, I have GREAT STORIES to share. What your audience can learn from me is how to achieve escape velocity from a life full of fear so that they can land in the experience of feeling inspired, whole, loved, and powerful in any walk of life.

W. Ian Walker

W. Ian Walker is a baritone and entertaining singer, who also is an experiend broadcaster. Ian’s story of overcoming ADHD, with vocal or choral music instead of being medicated is a story in itself. He can share with you his 30 years in Arts Management career, chatting about the international artists that he has met or worked with, Ian will entertain you and your audience! . You won’t be disappointed to book Ian as your future guest!

Midwife Crisis

We are two midwives, these are our stories: A candid look into the curious world of women. This is a look at the intersection of the curious world of women and race, culture, sexuality and midwifery. We look from the perspectives of two midwives who are everything but simply black and white. Join us and …

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Embody Your Star

A cohesive cosmology that unites us, heals us, and advances us is the pathway to healing in an age of reflexive reductionism. The lack of a cohesive cosmology is the foundation of all the ills of our time. People have not questioned the scientific method since Descartes declared thinking was the sum total of reason …

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Melanie Weller

Melanie is a Physical Therapist, Board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Certified Athletic Trainer, and Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults, and co-authored a sleep course for continuing education credits for the American Physical Therapy Association.