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Use Technology to get more done so you have more time for work life balance

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Stacy Braiuca is affectionately known as The Technology Therapist™ & Productivity Strategist. She knows at least one thing her 25+ year career as a therapist, public health educator, and geek fanatic, is humans want change, but don’t know how or don’t want to do the work to change. But, change is one of the few “constants” in life, and it is also vital TO life. She has spent her career both guiding others through the change process, from anxiety about technology to intricate life situations, to growing beyond their wildest expectations. She am on a mission to spread tenacity and life balance in this world.

With that, now, thought Leaders hire her to unleash their tenacious life because most are sprinting their marathon, lack balance and pace in order to sustain long term success, and frankly, many have lost perspective. So she helps them ignite their Passion, add in MAD Focus Skills, multiplied by Balance, leading them to sustainable and profitable Tenacity. Bottomline, consistency and commitment breeds tenacity.

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Stacy Braiuca, Technology Therapist™ & Productivity Strategist

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